ImpactAVillage supports educational and health care projects for Indigenous tribes deep in the Amazon Jungle of Peru.  Eda Zavala, the cultural ambassador for ImpactAVillage in Peru successfully directed the building of a modern bathroom with toilets, shower and washbowl for the Mushuk Llacta de Chipaota community. She also managed the purchase and distribution of school desks and chairs for the Shawi community and is currently directing the building of a school for that community. Eda has worked with the Shawi community for over three years and through her tremendous efforts and extraordinary communication and collaboration skills, Eda mobilized parents, leaders and teachers from nine Shawi villages to bring education into their communities. Education is a fundamental right for all, and Eda works hard to make sure these indigenous communities have access to it.

Your donations provide funds to help improve education and health care in these remote indigenous communities. Eda works closely with the indigenous community to balance modern education with ancient culture and languages.

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About Eda Zavala, Curandera from the Amazon Rainforest in Peru 

Eda, is a spiritual plant healer, a "curandera", from the Peruvian Amazon. She is a direct descendant of the Wari People, a lineage of healers from the Amazon rainforest. Born and raised in a small Peruvian village named Chosica, Eda's parents, unsophisticated and uneducated themselves, strongly advocated for her education. She studied both sociology and anthropology, and completed four years at the university. After her formal studies, Eda went back to the rainforest to assist the indigenous communities' efforts to protect the sacred rainforest, preserve traditional plants, perpetuate ancient healing plant practices, and empower themselves. Eda has worked deep in the rainforest for over 20 years, and her work there continues to this day.  She has extraordinary skills related to cross cultural/intercultural bilingual education, environment/cultural conservancy and Indigenous knowledge based in the Amazon Jungle.

Current projects:

Malek Primary School - South Sudan
Shawi Indigenous School - Amazon Jungle of Peru

Khmer Hands School - Cambodia
International Women's Partnership for Peace and Justice - Thailand
Medicine Voice Project - USA