The mission of ImpactAVillage is to support projects that improve education and healthcare in communities around the world. ImpactAVillage respects local cultures and the environment and works in ways that inspire awareness, collaboration, empowerment and action. ImpactAVillage supports both indigenous teachings and modern education for the purpose of improving spiritual, mental and physical well-being of individuals and communities.

Impact through Awareness: Build awareness within global communities about available resources for improvements in education, healthcare and well-being. Also, bring awareness to our classrooms in the U.S. about the needs of various communities throughout the world through our School Speaking Program and community events.

Impact through Collaboration: Encourage community members to work together and collaborate to achieve a common goal to benefit their village in terms of improved healthcare, well-being and education. 

Impact through Empowerment: Empower communities to participate in the improvement of their education and healthcare with their commitment and involvement. 

Impact through Action: Encourage action from village members through their donations of land, resources and manpower for projects. Encourage our U.S. communities to take action through their financial, time and energy contributions.

Board of Directors

Current projects:

Malek Primary School - South Sudan
Shawi Indigenous School - Amazon Jungle of Peru

Khmer Hands School - Cambodia
International Women's Partnership for Peace and Justice - Thailand
Medicine Voice Project - USA