In 1987, at the age of 5, Deng escaped from his village in South Sudan while it was under attack by soldiers during the Sudan Civil War. He joined 30,000 other Lost Boys of Sudan and walked over 1000 miles to find safety at refugee camps, first in Ethiopia and then in Kenya. In 2001, after nearly fourteen years in refugee camps, Deng was selected for resettlement in the United States with 3,800 other boys. Deng worked hard to receive an education and graduated from California State University-San Jose with a BS in Health Science and a Masters in Public Health from Touro University. Deng is passionately committed to improving literacy in South Sudan and in 2009 worked with funds from ImpactAVillage to direct the building of a primary school in Malek, South Sudan. 

A Lost Boys Journey - Timeline

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“A Story of Hope - The Journey of a Lost Boy of Sudan” by Deng Jongkuch and Lisa Wade


This beautifully illustrated book chronicles Deng's harrowing journey as one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. "A Story of Hope" is an amazing story of courage and is written for ages 3rd grade and up. All proceeds go to ImpactAVillage to help improve education and healthcare in villages around the world. If you are an educator who wishes to purchase books for your classroom at an educational discount, please contact Lisa Wade, President of ImpactAVillage

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Malek Primary School - South Sudan
Shawi Indigenous School - Amazon Jungle of Peru

Khmer Hands School - Cambodia
International Women's Partnership for Peace and Justice - Thailand
Medicine Voice Project - USA